Why Utilize Green Roof Technology?

  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Improvement of stormwater management
  • Enhancement of air quality
  • Reduction of urban heat island effects
  • Increased energy efficiency of building
  • Provide habitats for animals
  • Addition of enjoyable green-space

Phase I of the GREEN Facility will focus on a highly instrumented covered 3x6 m artificial hillslope. The hillslope will consist of a roof material and vegetation as per client specifications. These will be taken down and set-up on a 3-12 month rotation schedule, depending on client needs. A second fixed hillslope will be a long-term research and development site aimed at new innovative green roof designs based on observing and understanding and modeling soil material evolution in the first years after construction. This will be a fixed sloping roof within the building with grow lights and internal instrumentation. A rainfall simulator above each hillslope will deliver rainfall to the soil surface. We will leverage the new technology developed as part of the MOST Facility for whole-hillslope freezing.

GREEN facility. This will focus on fee-for-service based support for consulting firms, building owners, developers in Western Canada where design and testing can be accomplished. Like the MOST Facility, we will operate on a fee for service basis and use our Co-PI Michael Molaro to help with business model development. We will sell ourselves as a facility for risk reduction to the cold region green roof sector. We will use a stakeholder driven approach, that is now working well at MOST, where we will visit clients and make workshop presentations that will asks our clients what their biggest concerns are for the development of cold region green roof projects. Such a strategy moves beyond the normal discussion of academic research questions and turns the conversation to solutions-based testing.