Hillslope Equipment


Large scale hillslope test bed


Smaller scale hillslope test beds



Skid Steer Loader, forks & soil screening


Custom Fabrication Equipment


Custom hillslope test beds

Instrumentation Capabilities

In order to perform state-of-the-art research in hillslope hydrology, equipping experiments with an array of instrumentation and sampling techniques allows us to assess water movement over, into and through these experimental landforms.  The MOST facility has aquired a vast array of instrumentation to assess many parameters.

In-Situ Measurements Laboratory Based Measurements

Soil Moisture


Soil-water tension

Electrical Conductivity

Water level

Water flow rates

Soil water vapour stable isotopes

Rainfall simulation

Rainfall intensity and drop size

Sapflow in trees

Infrared Temperature

X,Y,Z coordinate generation of hillslope surface

Indoor and Outdoor Weather

Change in mass of test beds

Volumetric and gravimetric water content

Saturated hydraulic conductivity

Unsaturated hydraulic conductivity

Liquid or vapour measurement of stable water isotopes in soil and water 

  • (3) Benchtop LGR Water-Vapour Isotopic Analyzers and auto-samplers
  • (1) Ultraportable LGR Vapour Isotopic Analyzer

Soil and plant water extraction via:

  • High pressure squeezing
  • Centrifugation
  • Cryogenic extraction
  • Microwave Extraction
  • Liquid-vapour equilibration

Access to other labs on campus for more detailed analyses

  • Water Chemistry Major/Minor Ions
  • Hydrocarbon Gas Chromatography
  • Soil physical & chemical properties